Saving Neighborhoods One House at a Time.

In 1999, at the age of 20 I purchased my first home from a woman in her eighties. She could no longer maintain her yard or do maintenance. The house was in a less desirable neighborhood. The home was outdated and in need or repairs. She needed help and I wanted to take the burden off her hands. I fixed up the house and used it to provide low income housing for a family in need. It doesn't matter circumstances there is always a solution.

I almost had my house foreclosed on many years ago. I fell into a negativity spiral. One day I read a poem by Charles Swindoll The first line changed my life. The longer I live the more I realize the impact attitude has on life. I hope you get a chance to read the whole poem.

I started ALL PROP INVESTMENTS LLC to help people, transform neighborhoods, and take the fear out of getting help. We buy houses for cash and can close quickly. We try to make peoples lives easier. No need to clean out, fix up or hire a real estate agent. We pay all of the closing costs and the price we quote is exactly what you will get. Bad things happen to good people. I have personal experience about getting a mortgage default letter in the mail.

I didn't sit back and wish it would get better. I took action to get help and it saved me. I hope my story will encourage you to contact All Prop Investments LLC so WE can HELP you.

David Salfer

Managing Member