I know first-hand that it is never easy losing someone we hold dear. We can take the hassle out of settling the estate. ALL PROP INVESTMENTS can take care of all your needs. There are few things as traumatic as dealing with the death of sibling, spouse, or parent.

            Losing a loved one is a reality that we all face at some point in our lives. The pain experienced is often magnified by the legal issues death often brings. Settling your loved one's estate is among life's more difficult challenges, and there are many responsibilities which come with your appointment as the executor/administrator, personal representative, or trustee.

Why add the sale or maintenance of real estate to your list of responsibilities?
We don’t charge fees or commissions and our main goal is a hassle free sale.
We buy the house or property “As Is” That means there is no need to fix up, clean out, or hire a real estate agent.
We can BUY the estate house or property quickly and close in as little as 7 days.

             Not ready to sell? With a property management agreement, we can manage the estate and pay you a rent check every month. We Take care of maintenance, renters, and headaches. You can have a direct deposit or a check sent monthly. We can clean out the estate or help set up an estate auction. Call us today at 425-273-1125 or fill out a contact form and a caring and understanding representative will call you within the business day.

             ALL PROP INVESTMENTS specializes in providing options to the Probate Estates when liquidating the home or investment property, before assets start to run low by the costs of maintaining it.

This is how we can help.

Sell quickly for cash in "AS IS" condition.

We can provide immediate liquidity to the probate estate by making an all-cash offer. You can get the cash and move on.

Rent property for positive cash Flow.

If the probate estate needs cash flow, consider using the property for rental income. Let our property management team handle of all the details.

Call 425-273-1125 or Fill out contact form for a no obligation offer