Q & A

1Do you pay market value? Will you need or use an appraisal? How do you determine the offer amount that you’re willing to make?
Every home owner’s situation is unique, as is the process by which our home buyers determine what they are willing to offer for a home. The things they take into consideration include the age and condition of a home, costs of needed repairs, as well as the urgency of your individual situation.
The following example can help you understand all of the costs involved in a standard home sale process.“Fair Market Value” is the term for the gross revenue from selling a home. For this example, let’s say you have a property “worth” $200,000. On average, 90-95% of that value would be offered for that home across the country. You might get an offer for that value within 90 days, and that is if you are fortunate. Even if all goes well,
you would need to give another 30-45 days for closing, and then, once all is said and done, you could make four or five extra mortgage payments on your home since originally listing it for sale. Tack on to that the typical real estate commission of 6% for your realtor, plus a 3% closing cost, in addition to any repair costs (paint, carpet, roofing, etc), and you have a sensible picture of the traps in the ‘traditional’ house selling process.
2Do I need to have a realtor?
Our suggestion would be that you first fill out the home information form so that one of our buyers can contact you. We deal with persons regularly who are unsatisfied with their current realtor. Many Realtors will release you from a contract if you are dissatisfied as well, and that release allows our buyer’s to work with you, thus providing the most options for selling your home.
3Sell your house quickly? Do you only buy houses? Or will you buy condos, manufactured housing, etc?
We buy houses, but also much more. We will consider buying townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, beach property, office buildings, farms, land, or any building that has deeded land attached, such as manufactured housing or mobile homes. We also work with auction companies to sell personal property due to probate.
4What is your fee?
There is absolutely no fee to the home seller when working with one of our home buyers.
5Am I obligated to use your service once I fill out your form?
Absolutely not. You are under no obligation until you have entered into a signed contract with one of our home buyer’s. You would have a similar obligation with any real estate transaction.
6Will selling my home let me avoid foreclosure?
Yes, in most cases you can stop foreclosure by selling your home. Read Stop Foreclosure to learn more.

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