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July 8, 2016
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October 25, 2016

Top 3 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast in the Winter Months

As fall settles in and the winter approaches, home buying season slows down to a crawl. Most people want to buy homes in the spring and summer of the year because the winter season is cold and full of holidays. No one wants to be moving during the peak holiday season. One of the biggest questions investors hear from sellers in the winter months, is “how can I sell my house fast in Lynnwood?” There are a few tips for selling your home quickly in the winter months. If you can’t wait until spring to start showing your home, then read on below for a few tips to help you.

Sell to an Investor

There are reputable real estate investors in Lynnwood that will buy your house from you quickly, efficiently, and aren’t worried that it is the middle of the holiday season. The pros of selling to an investor are many. Find them listed below:

  • Selling to your house to an investor means that you don’t have to worry about staging or maintaining your home.
  • Selling home quickly to an investor keeps you from having to find a real estate agent that is willing to work hard to sell your home quickly in the dead of winter.
  • Investors buy houses in Lynnwood and several other areain Washington State. They pay the closing costs and can buy your house in days not months.

Selling to an investor takes all of the work out of trying to sell your home fast around the holidays. You sell, take your check, and go Christmas shopping, while the investor takes care of the rest.

Price it Right from the Beginning

Many times, homeowners feel that they should set a higher asking price in the beginning.  When it doesn’t sell people drop they price later if the house is sitting and not selling. If you need to sell your home quickly in Lynnwood, then its best set your price right from the beginning. It is estimated that your house is going to see the most activity in the first 30 days you have it on the market. After that, the slowdown will begin, and you might have a problem selling fast. The longer a house sits on the market the more buyers are wondering why. They ask themselves is there something wrong with the house?

Have Plenty of Photos Online

People who are searching for a home to buy, often go online to begin their search. Make sure that your home is listed with all of the major online sites and that you have tons of quality photos listed as well. Take pictures of the best areas of your home and don’t forget to include photos of the outbuildings, the front, and the back yards as well. People want to see what they are going to look at in person and if they can’t, it is possible that they will move on quickly to another home that has more photos available.

These are just a few tips for selling your home fast during the holiday season and the long winter months ahead. There are other tips out there that you might want to follow as well. If you are considering selling your house to an investor, make sure to visit the professionals at All Prop Investments today for more information.