How to Sell Your House Fast
April 27, 2017

Top Reasons to Sell Inherited Property to an Investor

If you have recently inherited a property, you might be overwhelmed by the situation and the decision whether to keep the property or sell it. Selling to investor may be your best option if you need to get rid of unwanted inherited real estate. The truth is that there are many investors who are looking to purchase inherited houses in Seattle and Washington State.

Some relatives who inherit property feel that they should keep the house for sentimental reasons.  A few months down the line they realize the property is a drain of time and money. If you no longer can afford to keep the house, contact one of the reputable real estate investor in Seattle

Read on below for a few of the top reasons why selling your inherited property to an investor might be your best option.

  1. You Don’t Have To Clean out or Fix up the property

When a loved one passes, the last thoughts on you mind are about repairs and cleanliness of the house.  Many times the home is left in a state of disrepair and clutter.If you sell to an investor, you can sell the home as is and not have to worry about cleanup, maintenance, or paying the extra cost of owning a fixer upper.

  1. Sell Inherited House quickly

If you live out of state, you will have to worry about vandalism in your absence. Not keeping up on maintenance for a few weeks can easily turn into a few months.  Before you know it, the house is run down, overgrown with weeds, and has been vandalized by people who know the property is unoccupied. It may cost much more to repair than you can afford. An Investor can purchase your property in a matter of days.

Need to Sell Inherited Real Estate? No Hassles InSeattle.

  1. You don’t have to Deal with Renters

You may want to rent it, sell it with a real estate agent or sell to an investor. Fact is, renting or hiring a real estate agent brings a new set of challenges.  Consider what happens when you decide to rent. It takes time and money to find qualified tenant. Any gains in rental income can quickly be wiped out due to careless occupants. After the tenants move you will find yourself having to pay for damage. If they don’t want to move you may have to hire an eviction attorney and wait for 6 to 9 months to get your house back. 

  1. No Fees or Commissions

Real estate agents charge 6 to 7 percent of the sales price. They want you to fix problems within the house before the sale can go through. It may take 6 months or longer for the house to sell. Month after month the expenses really add up.

Experienced real estate investors know how to work through the details so you can sell your Seattle property fast in any condition. An investor doesn’t charge a fee or commission and the amount agreed upon is exactly what you receive.

If you need to sell a house or property quickly in Seattle or anywhere else, a qualified investor is a good choice. Save time, money, and get paid in days not months. An experienced investor can make the process hassle free and will educate you along the way.

How to Sell Inherited Real Estate Fast

When inherited house or property becomes a burden investors can help.

Selling a property to an investor will ensure that the sale closes faster than waiting for a real estate agent. Real estate investors have the resources to buy your Inherited Seattle house or property right away. Get a Cash offer in as little as twenty four hours.

If you are looking to sell your inherited house fast you reading the right article. We Buy Seattle Houses without repairs. Selling to Seattle real estate investors ensures that the sale of the property is taken care of quickly and efficiently so that you can move on as well. For more information on how we buy Seattle homes or selling your inherited property, contact the professionals at All Prop Investments today.